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Disc Golf Kits Available at the Peabody Institute Libraries
The Peabody Institute Library has disc golf kits available for patrons to borrow. Each kit includes three discs: a putter, mid-range and driver. Also included in the kits are directions to Peabody’s Scouting Woods Disc Golf Course, a map of the course itself, and a list of the basic rules of the game.

To borrow a kit, stop by any of the three Peabody Libraries. Disc golf kits circulate just like books, so to borrow one all you need is a library card. Address and phone information for the three Peabody Libraries is as follows:

Main Library               
82 Main Street

South Branch Library
78 Lynn Street

West Branch Library
603 Lowell Street

The Disc Golf Kit program is made possible through a generous donation from Discs over Amesbury.